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Manufacturing the Best while Protecting the Environment

  104,000 sq. ft. of Manufacturing, 7 Production Lines, 2 Raw-material Processing Lines and $1 Million in Finished Products in Inventory for Quick Order Delivery
Plastic Recycling Products

Recycled plastic recreational products
Recycled plastic park benches
Recycled plastic picnic tables
Recycled plastic planters
Recycled plastic trash cans and recepticales
Recycled plastic lumber

Recycled plastic recreational products

Recycled plastic traffic control products
Recycled plastic traffic bollards
Recycled plastic car stops
Recycled plastic vehicle speed bumps
Recycled plastic wheel chocks

Traffic Control products

Recycled plastic industrial products
recycled plastic coil pads
recycled plastic cribbing
Recycled plastic mouldings

Industrial Products

Sitting On the Side
of Our Environment.

Durable 100% Recycled Plastic

The low-maintenance features of our rugged, yet stylish products are sure to please everyone.
  • No painting
  • No staining
  • Will not warp
  • Will not splinter
  • Will not rot


Experience and Reputation

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls, Inc. has more than 400 years of combined experience manufacturing quality products from recycled plastic. We know how to manufacture and design products that stand up to hard use and harsh conditions. And we will not cut corners to compromise your satisfaction and our reputation. See what Plastic Recycling expertise means.


Green Manufacturing and Sustainability

We offer the strongest commitment to quality and responsibility to the environment, while focusing on our customers' requirements for durable, economical, and sustainable products. Read about our sustainability and green manufacturing practices.

Recycled scrap plastic

Did You Know...

Every year we recycle more than 5 million pounds of plastic into environmentally sustainable products. This is the equivalent of 35 million milk jugs that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

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